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Game Journal June 9: TRIPLE FEAUTURE! Big Brain Academy, Electroplankton and New Super Mario Bros.

After a long time without gaming I have THREE games to review, well, mini review to be exact!

Big Brain Academy

Another game from Nintendo's "Touch Generations" series of games made specially to attract non gamers and have different game values. To be more specific, this game is like Brain Age in the sense that are both meant to keep your brain "healthy".

The game is similar to Brain Age, but different. This actually has more of a gamey feel to it and feels less educational. Instead of telling you how "old" your brain is, it tells you how much it "weighs". The exercises are more of mini game, which means it's a lot more entertaining that the reading or math you did in the Big Brain game, but since it's less serious, you sometimes don't feel like your brain is getting a work out.

It has 5 categories of "brain games", memory games, identifying games, computing games, think, memorize and analyze and each of these have 3 mini games with three categories...

Is it better than Brain Age? Maybe, maybe not, but it will surely please the gamers more and you can actually compete against other with this game!


Ok, I'm probably  one of the few people who knows of Toshi Iwai's previous musical and visual game calle Sim Tunes. Yes, I said "Sim", it was made of Maxis and it was kinda like a paint programs, which I think I should explain to make you understand this game better...

In Sim Tunes, you had some musical bugs that make music as they dance around a picture and each bug was an musical instrument. The graphics were kinda crude and you couldn't create an actual tune without having some musical talent...

Now, you have plankton, but they don't dance around pictures anymore. You don't draw at all, but it's still a visual and musical "game".  You have ten electroplanktons to choose from and each act differently....

Tracey plays music on lines you draw on, Hanenbow lives in a pond and makes music as he jump on the leaves above, you can move the leaves to make different tunes. Sun_Animalcule is a Sun-like creature that make different sounds depending on the time in the program or where it is on the screen. Luminaria makes music as he moves around the arrows on the screen, you change the arrows and the tune changes. Rec-Rec records sounds and play them as a tune. Nanocarp creates different formations depending on the sounds you make, and these formations are different tunes. Lumiloop makes sounds as you turn it around. Marine-Snow is a snow flake that makes different sounds as you drag the stylus around the screen and you can change the flakes too. Beatnes is my favorite one, since it has NES tunes. Volvoice is a voice modifier which can make you sound like an alien or a robot...

It's more of a toy than a game, but fun non the less. It's probably more fun if you are more musically inclined, and it make end up forgotten on a shelf later, but that happens to most games...

New Super Mario Bros.

This time Bowsy, Bowser's son has kidnapped Princess Peach because he's still convinced Peach is her mommy and Mario has to rescue her once again!

Like the name suggests, it's like the original Super Mario Bros. yet new! While you play the game you'll have that familiar Mario game feel, but it's not a mere remake, it's a completely new game, although it does borrow elements from other games, it had plenty of new thing, like the powerups. Now you have not only the fire flower, but the mini mushroom, which makes you more vulnerable but faster and more nimble, the mega mushroom which turns you into giant unstoppable stomping machine and blue shell, which can make you spin around in a the shell smashing everything in your path.

Don't think you'll fight Bowser at the end of each stage, because each stage has it's own unique boss, although it's usually a bigger version of a normal enemy. The game while a bit on the easy side, is still fun and challenging, and there are many secret coins and path to find.

What can I say, it's just another great Mario game! :D
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