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Frantic Friday!

So.... My electric toothbrush's battery was nearly dead and recharging it only helped a little and my printer ran out of ink... The perfect excuse to go to Media Markt! :D

Frankly, my heart wasn't set on an electric toothbrush, so I really didn't check them out too much, I just picked up the ink carts and went to the game section... I got me Electroplankton and Big Brain Academy, I'll give them a mini review tomorrow...

I completely forgot to buy a screen protector for my DS Lite, which I really need since the one I have is so bad I can barely see the screen!

When I got back a package arrived, my parent's laptop arrived, which I wanted to set up, unfortunately, it had everything preinstalled... T_T

But that also means.... I HAVE TO TEACH MY FATHER TO USE IT!



Urk, maybe I'll just get a book that teaches the basic, because it's so natural for me that I couldn't explain how I do it....

And a litle later, I got a package with the whole seven seasons of Buffy in a super deluxe pack! :D

Also, I found a box of old anime merch! Mostly Ranma and Sailor Moon!
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