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Wapsi Square! THE BOOK!

I finally got the book! YAY!

I do believe I might be one of the first to get it, since ti seems nobody else has? Maybe they print them in Europe?

The books is HUGE! I do have thicker comics, but not taller ones! The cover is my favorite illustration, which happens to be my desktop and I even have the print of!

It has a cool foreward from Dave Kellet and sketches galore, you even get sketches in the middle of the book, mainly right before a large sized strip. The layout of the strips is great too!

The comic starts on day one and ends just in time for us to get the first Golem Girl and Doubt appearances...

The book is just incredible and a must have but there is ONE tiny gripe I have with it...

If you compare the extras with the original Keenspot book, you'll notice that in the Keenspot you get bios and quite a few never seen before illustrations, but of course you only get year one...

The Lulu book costs only 5 bucks more and you get FOUR years of Wapsi, so it's obvious which one is the superior edition!

So what are you waiting for? Go get the book before the Golem Girls get ya!

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