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Previous Entry GAH! Jun. 20th, 2006 @ 06:21 am Next Entry
I somehow lost data? I do remember that when I got the B.S.O.D. yesterday that after it, it said it had lost the main account but... Good grief! It's lost my documents and every bloody bookmark, message filter,
 etc, etc....

I've done a search, they're GONE! ARGH! Just when I had finished some new Thunderbird filters and that huge Animal Crossing file! T_T

This sucks....

What on Earth happened yesrteday?

EDIT: Ooooohh...Kaaaay.... It seems the only files that didn't dissapear are the game saves files and Mirc files, all the rest is gone.....

It seems something went wrong with the instalation of XP, everything is giving me odd errors and half the install programs fail... I guess I'll back up what I can and format and reinstall.... T_T
Current Mood: depressedbummed out....
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