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Last night I had the oddest dream....

So.... I dream I was part of some special corps, rebels or similar, as much as I try I can't remember if I was the leader or not, of who was the rest of the team... We had infiltrated some building, and one of the squad said that this used to be a school or a college, and that we had to retrieve something...

We entered some tower, like a watch tower, and at the top of the tower, I saw....

A room... with artwork... from David Willis, artwork that I'd never seen before, it seems this is was some sort of secret place he doodles in his college years, and he left his artwork there for some reason, and we went their to retrieve it...

But then the "bad guys" appeared, a whole army of AK-47 wielding mercenaries were heading toward us... the rest of the team fled, while I simply grabbed the artwork and jumped out the window... I remember surviving, but not much more....

Dang, that dream was geeky yet creepy and the first time I've ever dreamed of a situation like this!
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