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My "Meat Handler Permit" Test (Make a joke and die!)

Who am I kidding? With a title like that how could you NOT make a joke!

The thing, I get to do this at home, actually I just finished it but the questions were SOO stupid that I had to post a few! (Translated from Spanish, of course)

-It's convenient to have a dog at the store because:

A) It's not allowed (DUH!)
B)Safety (Please, who'd rob a store full of knives and cleavers?)
C)To eat the waste (Riiiight? Why not have the dog lick the sausages while we are at it?)

-The Meat Handler Permit allows you to:

A) Do whatever you want (.....)
B)Forget about it (...)
C)Use the proper hygiene techniques (DUH!)

As you can see most questions were just too obvious, if anyone actually failed this test, their store must be... gross!

Anyway, feel free to make puns, because I know you want to... And just wait till I actually get the permit... Considering this is the kind of test a three year old could do, I should pass without any trouble... I hope?

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