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Game Journal June 14: Sin Episodes: Emergence

This game is sooo similar to Half-Life, yet SOOO different!

Their corresponding prequels where both released at nearly the same time, they both had (and have) the best graphic you could get from that time and they both take place in the future...

The other similarity the new games have in common is that they both share the Half-Life 2 engine, and they both use episodic gaming... and they both have a girl that accompanies you on your mission. But don't think there are trying to rip-off Half-Life or anything, because here is where the similarities end! From this point they are almost opposites!

You are Colonel John R. Blade of the HARDCorps, a private security organization, and after discovering that SinTek is creating mutating drugs, you are bent on stopping them. The CEO of SinTek is Elexis Sinclair... What can I say about her? I'd say she has beautiful eyes, but nobody seems to notice them, if you know what I mean... :P

Yep, the very first thing you are treated to in this game is her bosom... She somehow captured you (I guess he got... "distracted") and are tied to a table where you see her talking to some drug lord... Apparently you got some experimental drug injected into you, and as soon as Elexis leaves, a HARDCorp rookie, Jessica Cannon comes to rescue you, while you escape you pass out several times and... see a vision of Elexis bathing...

As you can see while Half-Life relies on solid story telling with great characters, this game is more or summer blockbuster, which relies more on action and... well Elexis mystic orbs...

The game is also a bit more gory than HL 2, every time you get a headshot, you get brains everywhere... Speaking of blowing peoples head off, like the original Sin game you only have three weapons, a gun, a shotgun and a automatic gun, each has it's own pros and con, the shotgun is good for indoor close range fighting for example. As a high action game, the cut scenes are less and you end up with the impression that the game is rather short, but the HL2: Episode One DID have a commentary which made the game longer. The game only has two bosses, which are technically the same but the second time you fight it, it won't be alone...

The game has several funny parts in it, if you note down the phone number you see and call them in the phone booths you find in the game, you'll get funny messages. You'll also be able to find the fabled Dopefish (which I mentioned in my last LJ post) and you'll see some bloopers when you beat the game...

I must admit that Sin Episodes: Emergence isn't as great as Half-Life 2: Episode One, but where it lacks in a great plot it makes up in the bigger adrenaline rush....

I guess the spent more time on Elexis bouncy breast engine than they did in anything else... (I just had to make another breast joke, I'm such a boob...) :P
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