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Game Journal June 10: Brain Age/Brain Training

First of all, this IS NOT a game, and for most people it might not even be fun to play, but that's not the purpose of this program!

This was developed by Dr. Kawashima for one purpose, to keep your brain active and in tip top shape! Think of it a gym for your brain!

The moment you turn this on, the Doctor will ask your some questions about you and go on to do a small test to see your "brain age", if your daily activities aren't of the kind that keep your brain active, you'll likely to have a very tired brain and a very high brain age. Like me, I got 80, which is the highest (and worst) you can get, but this shouldn't worry you much, since the purpose of this program is to reduce this brain age...

Each day, you can do some training and choose among several exercises, like math problems, reading aloud, and oberservation programs, and as the days pass you will unlock even more exercises... And at the end of these exercises, you can do the Brain Age test again...

This program is even recommended by several doctors that claim that this will help people with Alzheimer, for some of you this might not even be fun, but trust me, your brain will thank you later!

My brain age has gone from 80 to 60 in only one day!

I don't know about other people, but I actually had some fun, and it only takes a few minutes a day to keep your brain sharp and fit!

It does have a few bugs, the voice recognition sometimes has trouble with the word "blue", but you'll be fine if you say "Boo" instead, it also has some trouble recognizing your handwriting, but your soon get used to writing them the way the program can recognize them...

And they added Sudoku to the mix! I never knew what it was all about, but I'm getting the hang of it and actually having a bit of fun with it!

So... if you care for your brain get this ASAP!
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