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Freaky Friday!

When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was that a new Crazy Cat Women podcast was up! W00t!

So... After work I set off to the mall to but some movies and game and while I'm at it, visit some toy stores in hopes of finding a stache for my Mc Pedro prototype...

The closest I found was one of those glasses with a nose, but that won't do...

I did get some games and movies, the most note worthy being the last Harry Potter movie and Brain Age....

When I got back I had gotten some more packages! One with Scary Go Round books and the H.P. Lovecraft book Mythos had recommended me...

The surprises didn't end there! My watch finally arrived at the store! It was weird to wear one again! It's supposed to br an atomic clock that can receive a signal to automatically adjust the time, but I don't seem to get the signal...

Also it was solar, so obviously it rained in Spain even though we haven't had any rain in ages! :P

There was thunderstorm all day and even the lights went out... But that's about it...

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