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Megas XL

I like the Megas XL series, you can see it's targeted to gamers, they even did their homework and Coop's basement is full of all types of consoles that really exist and you can see parts of those consoles in the robot, but... They had to ruin it....

In one episode, he seems to have a fight with a guy each trying to prove that they had every game ever made... Excuse me? The simple thought that someone could have every game in the world is simply laughable! It also annoys in all series when they make up a game name, they never sound like a real game...

They Coop boasted he conquered 8 gaming systems in one month, again, what on Earth are you talking about? Conquering a system? What does that even mean? If he mean beating all the games in one system, again I must insist you just can't have ALL the game on one system and there is no way you can beat them all in one month, and much less 8!

Today Coop was playing a modern game.... With an Atari 2600 joystick!

Still any series with giant robots and Bruce Campbell as a guest voices is as cool as it gets...

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