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Game Journal June 04: Haunting Starring Polterguy

This is an old Megadrive/Genesis about a kid victim of the Sardini's shoddy skateboard company. The poor kid had a fatal accident and is now a poltergeist, bent on getting revenge on the Sardini's family!

As the Sardini's move into the brand new home, Polterguy will follow them to start haunting them....

You can't scare them directly and they can't see you either, so how do scare the living daylights out of them?

By possessing the items in the house themselves! There are three kinds of items you can posses, the ones that are "traps" are only set off when a human gets near them, the ones that work when the humans are in the room, and the ones that let you take control on the item themselves...

This is the most fun part of the game, because each item has it's own animation to scare them, some of them have even more than one!

Some are just silly, like a dog pooping on the bed sheets, and some are a bit gory, but they are mostly funny to watch!

Once you get a Sardini scared enough they'll flee the room, and if you scare them even more, they'll leave the house for good! Once you scare all of the Sardini family, they'll move to a new house with new rooms and new items to posses!

But after scaring them stiff, you need to recharge! They do drop some ectoplasm when you scare them out of a room, but if you run out of ectoplasm, or scare everybody in the house, you'll end up in an underworld dungeon. This is the only place where you can die, and it's the only place where you can pick up spells to make the game eaiser...

The game is pretty until the end, where it sucks big time! You barely have to fight in the whole game, but you do get an impossible boss, impossible mostly due to the controls!

Frankly, the final boss seems to gave been added at the last moment for no reason, and doesn't make sense, and you don't stand a ghost of a chance against him...

The game would have decent, even good, if they removed the boss or hade made him easier or Polter easier to control...
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