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Game Journal June 02: Chibi-Robo

Chibi-Robo is a Gamecube game about a the smallest robot in the world, Chibi-Robo, who just got bought my Mr: Anderson for her daughter's birthday. But he really bought it for himself, he's a big toy freak and he doesn't hide it! The house is full of toys! Jenny, the daugther thinks she's a frog and only says "Ribbit", and Mrs. Anderson is quite normal actually..

Chibi-Robo is a very helpful robot, he cleans up, picks up the trash, and does many other chores! This might not sound fun, but it is! You start in the Living Room, and as you progress, you find new tools (a kiddie spoon is a shovel for someone so small), and disguises (much more useful than you think!) you'll also find out that the toys are alive, and you'll eventually find why...

Among these toys we have the typical super hero toy, a chew toy that is in love with the super hero toy, a dinosaur made of lego blocks, a dancing flower, and more!

Chibi-Robo IS a robot, so he does have a battery that will run out eventually, unless you plug yourself in every once in a while, but every time you help someone out, you get get "heart points" that increase your ranking and with each rank up, you get better batteries.

The game has a main story line, which is actually pretty good for a kiddie game, and many other side stories that will extend the game's play time, it took me about 20 hours to be, but I tried to be very thorough...

Since it's a "kiddie" game, it's not that hard, you actually can't lose, but still the game is very fun, even though it's not replayable...

I must say I enjoyed this game more than I thought this would and even though it's pretty easy, it doesn't get boring or tedious...

They did leave some issues unresolved, so they might be handled in a sequel? I know they are already making a DS game...
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