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This is kinda interesting...

Some guy came to my father's butcher shop asking for fresh pig skin, and my father couldn't help to ask what it was for...

Guess what?

He was a tattooist! Apparently they use fresh pig skin to practice their skills on! It's better than a live subject, right?

He did look like tattooist too, come to think of it!

Anyways, not much happened today. I did pick up the Candi and Girls with Slingshots framed prints, but I'm not sure I'll hang them until I have the rest of them...

The Devil's Panties one hasn't arrived yet though...

It seems I'll have room for a print or two on my wall, should I get prints from another artist or get more from authors I already have?? I could use some input here!

I also beat Chibi-Robo today, but it's getting late and my brain demands sleepies, I'll try to write a mini review tomorrow...

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