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A virtual visit to Rosewood (Animal Crossing)

Just when I was going to bed, Kiri from the Crazy Cat Women podcast talked to me on Gtalk, and asked me to visit her town...

Even though the game has a chat program, it's much faster to simply use Gtalk or whatever you have available...

What I found most surprising was the fact that her town was much less developed than mine and the game was in the US several months before Europe?

She seemed to like my Jeenie Breedan and 8 Ball Shirt, so I left their designs at the Able Sister's shirt store...

This probably doesn't sound very exciting to you guys, but finally talking to her and visiting her town was awesome for me!

She might even mention this in her podcast! :3

It's a small podcast and they say themselves that they are still learning, but I like it!

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