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Horsie! And Atari 2600!

I got a horse! In World of Warcraft, of course!
Yes! I finally reached level 40! And you know what means! You get a mount!
Since my character is a Warlock, he got for FREE! The rest have to pay 100G! It's so cool with it's fire hooves!

It also means I can become an Artisan in my secondary skills, cooking, first aid and fishing, I already did the first aid quest and I spent yesterday fishing to reach the quota needed to do the artisan fishing quests, unfortunately I will probably have to wait a few level before becoming an artisan cook, because the quest i way too hard! The ingredients drop from monsters way too strong for me!

Today I finally got an Atari 2600, I lost an auction at Ebay, but found another good deal soon after that, now all I need are a few games!
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