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Game Journal May 28: Dreamfall... is just dreamy!

Ah.... How long have I been waiting for this game? It seems like ages!

Dreamfall is the long awaited sequel to The Longest Journey, a great game that I enjoyed a lot...

The game takes place 10 years after the original game, and stars Zöe Castillo, a woman who has lost her motivation and goals in life, she broke up with his boyfriend, quit school and now just goes to the Gym and sleeps...

But one day her boyfriend ask her if she can help him and then.... Zöe starts her "longest journey"...

The game takes places in a Sci-fi world, but like the original game, you "shift" from the sci-fi world to a fantasy world, Arcadia...

In your travels you will meet characters from the prequel, including April Ryan, even CROOOOWWW!

Man, I love that man! ...Bird? Birdman? Guybird? Anyways he's the sidekick who brings the humor to the game, which makes the game even better!

Speaking of humour, they do have a few funny lewd comments in the game, but nothing offensive...

I'm the last person to be a "graphic whore", but this game looks beautiful! And the music is great too! The game immerses you very well in it's world, you will want to explore and learn more about it!

I won't tell you much about the story, but this is one of the greatest adventure games I've played in ages!

Yes, it has fighting scenes, but they are easy, and so are the stealth scenes and they are not placed at random...

I can't really say much more without spoiling the game!

I could make a five page rant, but I'd ruing the ending for the rest of you!

Oh... One thing, there is a one "ghost girl" in the game who creeped me out more than anything I've seen in any horror movie or game, and that's not easy!
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