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Game Journal May 26: Super Princess Peach... Just... Peachy?

So.... For the first time ever Princess Peach rescues Mario instead of the other way around...

Hmm, I'm not sure about this game, at first I thought the game was made for girls, but...

Get this, Princess Peach's power is.... MOOD SWINGS! Well, they call it "vibes"... But still, is it me or does this sound sexist?

Also the game is very very easy...

What, can't the Princess take heat?

Anyway, the game itself if colorful and fun, but short, the typical plataformer game with the ice level, the fire level, etc, etc...

Like I said before Princess Peach has the power of "vibes". Anger gives her a firey aura that burns, sadness makes her cry a river, literally! Happiness make her float and spin and calm makes you recover health, and it's the "vibe" that makes the game so easy, you can heal in the middle of a boss battle!

It's a simple game, it has eight worlds, each with five levels and boss, each level has several section where you must find and rescue the captures toads and bonuses and...

Well, it's fun enough and replayable, and it was fun to play as Peach for once, but the game was not as great as the Mario games...
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