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That's better! :D

So today I was afraid I'd be spending it going from place to place trying to get my cell phone repaired...

But I called the Nokia Center and they told me all I had to do was drop it off and the nearest center was in a mall only a few stops away from here!

And while I was there I got me some new earphones for my iPod, they only had official ones for the Nano, so I got some from another brand. I don't know if they were expensive or nor since I've never bought quality earphones before but they were sure worth it!

With the original iPod earphones I had to drank it up to the max whenever there was any sound near, but not with these! I could still hear my iPod ever in the extra noisy subway!

And when I got home... I found out the Girls with Slingshots original strip from Danielle Corsetto arrived! And with a thank you note in Spanish!

This is the ORIGINAL strip, before it got "prettified" with her computer.... And the only copy...

The framer asked if I wanted some lines removed, but I don't want to alter the strip, so I said no...

Also, I was lucky enough to have some free time this afternoon! Man, I feel so much better now! That thank you note made my day! :3
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