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I picked up the framed Sam & Max print today, but I couldn't hang it on the wall yet...

I finally purchased a Danielle Corsetto strip to hang on my wall, all this talking to webcomic artists is making me geek out like crazy!

Since I had some free time, I did some patterns in Animal Crossing to turn into T-shirts...


This is the patterns on Jennie Breedan's T-shirts, I turned as well as it can on a 32 X 32 pixel grid...

And it actually looks good on a T-Shirt!


The Girls with Slingshots logo looks good enough, but once you wear it, it becomes deformed and you can't make out what's on the T-shirt!

Of course, you can see the Wapsi 8 Ball shirt design that my avatar is wearing too...

The cool thing is, that is I put them for display at the clothes store, the other villagers might actually wear them!

Hmm, I might try logos and shirts from other webcomics.... I might give GWS and do McPedro, maybe he won't look so bad? Any other suggestions?

PS:Now that I stopped taking those silly pills I'm not drowsy, just tired because it's the end of the week! :P

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