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The remedy is worse than the ailment?

I'm gonna stop taking these freaking allergy pills, they do work, but they make so sleepy that I spent all of my free time asleep!

I napped TWICE today! And I NEVER nap at all!

I didn't manage to get anything done at all until the pill effect wore off...

I took the pill before going to bed yesterday, and I was drowsy way until the afternoon...

It had to be the pill since I slept like a baby last night! And it didn't feel like when I got insomnia or simply some sleep deprivation...

I know that when the allergy kicks in I'll feel horrible, but at least I'll be able to do stuff....

I hope they are allergy pills that don't make me sleepy out there...

Since I slept all day, I wonder if I'll get any sleep tonight?

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