Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

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This just gets better and better!

I have insomnia again! YAY! ¬_¬

Something tells me it won't go away as easily this time....

I still have to stay in this empty apartment becuase I have to wait until I have internet in the other, I might even spend some time without internet even...

I know have to eat downstairs.... Great I only manage to get all the stuff I have to do becuase I multitask and eat in front of the PC, which is going to screw up everything!

I have to sell tons of stuff, but I can start yet, because there is a small chance that I might have to go a while without internet...

If I have to wait until I have everything ready before my insomnia goes, then I'm sooo screwed, this is going to take a VEEEERY long time....


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