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Oh dear....

This is it! This could be my final post at this room!

It seems the remodelling is nearly done, or completely done, I'm not sure really...

But the thing is that this is the moment of thruth, I'll have to move my stuff in this downstairs and when I have internet downstairs, my PC will go there too...

I'll finally find out if all my games and DVDs can fit in one room....

And I'll finally be reunited with the consoles that I couldn't bring up here! I only have handy my Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System, DS, GBA SP and Micro, PS2, GameCube and Sega Saturn! I don't know how I've survived with so little... :P

I miss my NES! I miss my SNES! I miss my N64! I miss my Xbox! I miss my PSOne! I miss my Atari 2600! I miss my Dreamcast!

And I've have to spend the whole day moving my games and DVD, delicately, to my room, and then... *shudder*

"Check my inventory"

I usually do this once a year, and last year it took me a whole week to make sure my whole collection was still there, but this time I have a Pocket PC!

Half of my brain is screaming "KHAAAAAN!", and the other half "YAAAAY!", so expect me to be very happy or pissed, or both, in my next post!

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