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I finally had time today so I started remodeling my room, but I don't time to upload the "Before" now, it's very now and I'm sleepy and pissed...

My father forced me to visit some guy at the other side of the town saying he would spice up my curriculum, why on Earth I couldn't just email it? That I do not know, maybe he wanted to meet me in person, but he was a freaking 30 minutes away from my house!

And by "spicing" he meant lying... Saying that I knew about stuff I don't and that I've worked at places that don't exists and such, so he could send it to company I don't even want to work for!!!!

I gotta find something to improve my mood because I don't think I should go to bed like this, and tomorrow you will finally see the "before", and I must say it seems to be improving!

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