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Game Journal May 07b: Gods

I always wanted to play a game from the legendary Bitmap Brothers, and Gods was my first one!

The story is simply that of a warrior on a quest of ultimate power, a quest to become a god himself!

To be more precise, it's the story or Hercules, but frankly if he was unnamed you wouldn't notice at all...

This time I'll start with I didn't like about the game, it wasn't very accurate mythologically-wise (did I just make up that word?), the only mythical beast I recognized was the minotaur, the rest was more from medieval fantasy world, like dragons and goblin-like creatures...

But back then they didn't have mythology specialists anyway, but this is the most innacurate one I've seen, but that the only bad thing I have to say about this game...

The game is a plataformer, with lots of action and puzzle elements, the levels are crawling with enemies which you destroy with your throwable weapons, which can be upgraded.

The puzzles are mostly pulling levers and exploring the levels for items, like keys, to unlock doors. There are plenty of secrets to reward those who explore every nook and cranny of the levels.

At the end of nearly all levels you get to shop for potion and upgrades, and when you beat the boss of the world you'll get a password, the password is only for the level, it doesn't record the items you have, but they'll give you a lot of money to buy enough upgrades to fend yourself...

The game only has four worlds all in temple-like levels, but the enemies are quite different in each one, and they do have quite a different look to them...

The game is VERY hard, maybe even too hard, but the game is fun non the less...

The game is also a port of the Amiga game, and it looks and sounds as good as the Amiga version...

It hasn't really aged that well, but it's still fun to play!
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