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Game Journal May 07: Teenage Mutatant Hero Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist

Ahhh, I really needed some retro goodness!

I'm hoping you already know the Teenage Mutant Hero/Ninja Turtles, they were pretty famous back then and are still popular now!

In case you didn't know Konami was in charge or making all the TMNT games back then, so they also were quality products...

The game itself is an arcade fighter game, like Street of Fury or Final Fight, were you must chose one of the turtles (Leonardo, Michealangelo, Raphael and Donatello) to fight against the Foot Clan, like always!

This time Shredder has stolen the Hyperstone and to top it off he has shrunk and taken the Statue Of Liberty and Manhattan. They don't really explain if the stone was used to do this, but this an old arcade game, were the action takes priority over the plot!

You start off at the New York City sewers (where else), where you eventually make your way to a... ghost ship? See I told you they don't give a D about the plot! But that why I like it, these are short adrenaline-rush games, a plot would just get in the way!

Anyways, you must make your way through several different levels (Okay, 5 isn't THAT much, but it's the norm for these kind of games!), fighting enemies from the cartoon series (I haven't read the comics, sorry). One of them I didn't recognize from the series, but from the movie, he was called Tatsu. The release date was near the movie one, so I guess he was included for this reason.

Like I said you fight the Foot Clan, and that's the main problem of the game, sure there are about ten variations of the Foot Clan soldiers, but that's practically the only thing you fight, except a few stone soldiers, pizza monsters and mousers too!

But this won't bother you much in the end...

The game can be adjusted, so needn't worry if the game is too hard or too easy for you, you can also alter the character looks between the comic look and an anime one...

It does offer some replay value if you want to try out the game with different characters, they do fight differently, but the game is basically the same...

But this is game from a time when we didn't ask for replay value, so it should be taken in account...

I should also comment that it has more of a cartoony violence, you get squished, shocked and BBQ'd in the most amusing ways. Seeing your turtle jump grabbing his foot shouting "My toes!" might make you chuckle a few time, so that's a good thing too!

In the end, it's good ol' fun game, that I had fun and remember, it's an arcade game, so it'd normal for it to be over after an hour!
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