Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

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Long day....

-ACK! One of my favorite villagers from Animal Crossing is moving! I hope I can convince her to stay?

-Which reminds me one of the villagers was going to visit my house, but I was so busy I forgot!

-Why was I so busy? I was creating the list for Online Comics Day, I think it's ready now...

-I got my Sam & Max prints today. They are 18 x 24", bigger than I expected, I think I'll only frame one of them, I don't think I have room in my wall for both, that is, if I want to add prints from other artists...

-Today was my mother's B-day, we had a modest party since we will celebrate it fully another day...

-It looks like I'm having cake for breakfast! YAY!

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