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Busy a bumble bee!

Man, today I had nearly zero free time!

Since we just got back from a long weekend, due to a holiday, we had tons of work to do to make up for the days off, I worked nearly all day, I only stopped to eat and snack, and barely nothing else...

And yet, I'm not cranky? Whaaa?? Maybe it's due to the fact I'm full of sugar from the candy canes my sis gave to me?

Candy=Happiness? :P

But I was lucky at Animal Crossing, I finally managed to catch the hard to catch mole cricket! And a new cat has moved into town! Maybe my zany idea of having only cats in my town will work!

I'm currently debating which prints to get...

Jennie Breedan
has some "The Devil's Panties" posters for sale, but they have two that fit together, but I'm sure if they look good together?

I'm still deciding on the rest, I'm hoping Starline will have her shop up soon, and that Willis will have a new print soon, which only leaves Girls with Slingshots... :P

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