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Tiny Tidbits...

-Even though it was a holiday today I spent most of it doing chores, but they were the ones I hate most... ASSISTING! Which means, I don't really do nothing, but I can't leave to do something else.... GAH!

-At least I got the DVD plugged in, not like that is anything to brag about...

-I was going to hang my Jin Wicked print, but I'm out of hooks...

-The list I'm going to do for Webcomic Awareness Day seems to be ready, but there is no way I'm gonna describe them all, I'll just post the links and that's that... I might describe my top ten...

-I just realized it's a new month, and I have to change my avatar...

-Since it's a new month, Animal Crossing has new bugs and fish to catch! I caught a frog, catfish and moth! Also, one of the villagers was acting weird, the poor gal had a flea! Fortunately I grabbed it with my net... :P

-My sister gave me something to make Harry Potter cupcakes! Cool! I'll make them later this week!

-Speaking of later this week, I should take pics of the house, since I haven't posted anypics of it in a long time and the remodelling is almost done!

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