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Game Journal April 30: No One Lives for Ever

This is the story of Kate Archer, the first female agent of U.N.I.T.Y., and her first case could be her last!

I haven't played that many spy games or watched that many spy movies, but I enjoyed this game a lot!

The story was very good and exciting, but since like I said before I don't know much about spy so I don't really know if the movie is cliche or not...

You have the gadgets, the odd villians, betrayal, exotic locations, the works!

One of the levels I enjoyed the most was outer space, where you even got a laser gun!

Being a spy game, you can be stealthly or simply shoot everything that doesn't move, but some levels are stealth only and those are quite frustrating!

Another frustrating thing is riding vehicles, the controls are not to good on them and you can't shoot while riding so you have to get off to kill bag guys each time!

It was also VERY VERY long, possible the longest shooter I've played, maybe even more than Half-Life 2?

But it was worth every minute specially for it's sense of humour! Every once in a while you hear guards having a funny conversation or you'll find an intelligence item with some funny info on it...

I'd love to tell more, but it's over midnight, and although I still have the game fresh in my memory, my brain demands sleepies!

Actually, I don't think I could come up with much more anyway...
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