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Room remodeling!

My mother bought some new bedsheets, without consulting me, and said she wanted me to remodel my room, I thought why not?

My room looks like a fanboy's room, and that is what it is! But it look odd even for a fanboy...

Maybe it's time for me to take down all the Sailor Moon posters, I definitely won't miss my dinosaurs and animals of the world poster's, but what will I do exactly?

Since my MEGA OOKI NEKO NEKO WAI WAI OTAKU phase is over, I am still an otaku, but I'm more gamer than otaku, and that will be my new theme, my comics will be replaced by the games hidden in the closest and the posters will be replaced by gaming posters, but my plushies stay...

Pokémon and Digimon are games after all, so having Poké plushies is acceptable... Right?

Tomorrow, I'll post some pics of the "Before", I want to remember how it looks now, the "After" may take a while...

In other news: Dear God! It took me the whole blasted weekend to see the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Extended Edition with all the extras!

Also, I'm thinking of buying an old Atari console, but I need more info on it before I buy it...

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