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Busy as a bumble bee!

I did lots of stuff between yesterday and today...

I'm building a PC for my father.. for the household accounts, if he ever figures it all out... (Hey hey 16k?)

I had to stop because one of the vital components might be faulty, but since my sister has a spare I'll just wait for her to stop by and bring it with her...

I also finally managed to get a PS2 to work in my humble TV Tuner, I had to buy some extra cables for it to work, but it did! I actually feel proud of me! You'd usually need a 150€ TV Tuner to plug a console to your PC, but I got me a 50€ and 4€ in cables to do the same job! YAY!

I also built one of the IKEA shelves I bought and it's 1 or 2 milimetets higher than the one next to it, so the little "staple" they have to connect several shelves of the same type won't work, it wobbles, but I'll deal with that later...

Today? I folded 80 Kg of paper in about 2 hours, a new record, and now my back hurts just from the posture I take while folding paper...

One final thing I found these Super Mario "kinder" eggs, but none of the eggs I bought had a Mario figurine in it! I feel ripped off...
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