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Tanukitsune's Tiny Tidbits 24C and 1/3

-I'm seriously considering changing the name of my blog to Tanukitsune's Tiny Tidbit's, I can't seem to think for another title for my posts anyway...

-It's Friday, considering I have insomnia, I should be so tired I could barely move, yet I seem to be more energetic that usual, except I seem to have a cold or something? Maybe the cold killed my insomnia? I dunno...

-Instead of obsessing over the 2K, I went to the mall and got me a few games, Tetris DS is officially number 2000 in my database...

-Wouldn't you know it, Jin Wicked now has a new limited print! Argh! But I just got one from her! If I had only waited a little longer...
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