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Tanukitsune's Tiny Tidbits... And 2K special?

Hmm, I'm using the Tiny tidbits title too many times! Maybe I should change the name of my blog to that?

Anyway, it appears my insomnia is back, and I'n pretty sure it's stress related, and I'm hoping I'll get better when we finish will all the moving and stuff...

I just got the new Machinae Supremacy CD today, that should keep me awake tomorrow... I hope...

The weird thing is that I only feel horrid in early moring, from 6-10AM, after that I seem to get over it...

According to my Pocket PC, I am only ONE game away from reaching 2000 games! YAY!

It's a shame Tomb Raider Legend is number 1999, it would have been a perfect candidate....

Knowing me, I'm gonna try to find a special game that will be number 2000, because I want it to be special...

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