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Game Journal April 16b: Taito Legends 2 (So far...)

Ah, Taito, the underdog, everybody remembers Namco, Capcom, Atari, but nobody remember Taito...

They made Space Inavers, Bubble Bobble and so many great games, and in this compilation you can play many of these legendary games...

The first thing I must say is that this game is kinda buggy, and it tends to crash with my PC a lot...

Since this a compilation of old arcade games, you can beat each of them in about an hour, but there are about 30 games, this will game you hours of fun!

Unike most people instead of reviewing the compilation, I will try to review them individually...

-Alpine Ski: It's a skiing game, a real oldiem all you do is ski until you run out of time, the further you get, the higher the score...

-Arabian Magic: A figthing game, like Street of Rage, the King of an unnamed land has been turned into a monkey and you must collect some magic jewels and defeat an evil wizard to turn him back.

Like most of these kind of games you have a "special" move which, wouldn't you know it, summons a genie! But as you progress and defeat some of the bosses, they will join your party and will sometimes replace the genie...

-Liquids Kids: You are platypus-like creature with the power to toss water bubbles, and you must rescue you companinios who have been capture by an evil fire demon. This game is kinda like New Zealand Story, I love it!

-Space Invaders 95': Do you know Parodious, it's a parody of Gardius with Konami characters? This is similar, a parody of the original games, with zany looking characters! This game is just insane... insanely funny!

-Bubble Symphony: A new sequel to the Bubble Bobble story! The kids of the original cast have been captured by the enemy and turned into dinos! They must travel through several levels with several cameos from other Taito games, and unfortunately like most of the Bubble Bobble games, it has a "real" ending which is near impossible to get...

-Elevator Action Returns: The classic game returns, but now instead of a spy you are part of a squad team, and you must defuse bombs instead of retrieving documents. Updated graphics, and powerups included!

This is were they games started to crash and now I'm waiting for a patch... :P
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