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Tanukitsune's Tiny Tidbits...

-I've started eating the Easter chocolate... Mmmm... Chocolate! The Mars Mini Eggs were delicious!

-I still have insomnia, I think it started with the Daylight Time Savings? I think my internal clock is busted, that would explain it, I think...

-I got the final Red Dwarf DVDs and the Kim Possible movie! Yay!

-Apparently, my friends are impressed with my Alchemy mastery in Oblivion, since I've played much less than them and I'm the only one at the Master level...

-Speaking of Oblivion, I'm wondering if I should either try to beat the game on this Easter holiday or try to pace myself and pay other games at the same time...

-The Crazy Cat Women podcast is on hiatus, now I won't know if they were serious about sending me Peeps...

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