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Game Journal April 07: Totally Spies (Here we go, here we go, on a mission undercover...)

What? Can't a guy like Totally Spies? :P

This is the mobile phone game and like most cell phone games, it's very short, and limited due to the watch that you download the game through GRPS, which is slow and expensive, so games take up less than half a Meg...

The difference between playing Sam, Alex or Clover is just their appearance, they has exactly the same skills and cutscenes in the game...

The game is simple, go through the level jumping, kicking (with some cool combo effects), and using your gadgets...

It's only 8 levels longs that take place in three settings, Cairo, Everest and Outer Space...

Frankly there isn't much more I can say about the game, by the time you have read this, you could already have beaten a level or two in the game...

But, hey! It's a mobile game and it's cheap! What did you expect for such a small fee and download?

It was short but rather fun... But I'd rather recommend for those long subway/bus rides that to play at home...

Like always, the shorter the game, the shorter the mini-review!
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