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Tiny Tidbits...

-Hmm, I doubled the Valerian dosage... I think I slept this night, but I still feel kinda like I didn't, but I guess one night of sleep can't make up for several nights without sleep.... I seem to have this headache ever since this started...

-Ooooo-Kay.... Some beautiful amatuer models joined my Myspace page.... They seem to have worked with a photographer I know? And now they are "spamming" me telling me to vote them to be Miss Myspace or something...

-I've played a bit of Taito Legends 2, and it seems a strange force doesn't want me to enjoy the game, the lights went out once... Then the game crashed when I reached the final boss battle in Bonze adventure.... TWICE!!!

-I've started an exotic fruit plantation in my Animal Crossing town, if this works, I could make BIG money! Also, it's the Flower Fest, a waste of a week-long festival since all I have to do is.... STEAL the other villgers flowers! MUA HA HA!!!

-It seems I will waste my Easter vacation "moving", to the downstaits apartment that is...
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