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Through the looking-glass?

Yes! I finally read The Annotated Alice! I didn't think I could do it but I did it! I've seen so many adaptations it was nice to read the real thing, and finally read the Jabberwocky poem!

I also took photos of all the junk I was going to put for auction on Ebay, and man, I didn't realize I had so much for sale, mainly "dupes", it will take all day to put the auctions up...

I tried to improvise a spicy meatball recipe, it seems that the mild tabasco sauce had a slow and effect it didn't start to taste spicy until half way through the meal and it didn't taste that spicy anyway...

Today we were going to celebrate my sisters birthday, but her husband got a bit under the weather and we had to postpone it till next Sunday, which is good since her present hasn't arrived in the mail in time...

But her birthday is really tomorrow anyway...

I also weighed myself, I don't know why, but I did it anyway, and amazingly enough I lost weight, I weigh less than 60Kg now, apparently eating fruit instead of donuts if good for you!

Also I dozed off watching toons again, even though I slept nine hours today, I guess laying on a comfy sofa watching toons after a heavy lunch does that to you...

Well, that's it for today...
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