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Animal Crossing: Wild World!

Yes! I finally have the game in my hand! And mind you, I had to "cross many roads" to find it!

While talking with my sis, she asked if his husband might like Oblivion for his Birthday, I said he should, so I went to buy a copy at the Parque Sur Mega Mall city....

It had EIGHT stores that sold videogames, and NONE had either Animal Crossing or Oblivion, and much less the Collector's Edition, which would be an even better present not to mention I could get one to replace the incomplete one I got...

So I got home and phone a game store in a mall in the capital, where they had both... And Resident Evil: Deadly Silence too!

So I rushed there only to find that out that yes, they did have those games, but they only had one copy of each left, the one they had on display...

After searching so many store, I did NOT want to return empty handed so I bought them...

Animal Crossing is vey much like the Gamecube version, only updated and will many new things, anyway I'll talk about it more later...

If anyone has a DS and a copy of the game, I can give you my friend code so we can visit each others town! :D

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